Free ‘Rider Assessment’

While some hardy (mad?) individuals have ridden right through the worst of the winter weather, for many of us motorcycling is a seasonal matter, whether for leisure or commuting, it makes sense to protect your bike and yourself from the specific hazards of the coldest months. A result of this is that this is a time of year when many bikes and riders re-emerge from hibernation. Even if you delegate full servicing to the professionals, it is important to do routine checks on the condition of your bike, and also to give yourself time to get back to riding as well as you were after months of regular practice.

You might have considered post test training already. Perhaps you’ve done some, such as the excellent ‘Bikesafe’ courses. As an IAM motorcycling group, we exist to promote road safety and to support riders in preparing for their Advanced riding test. We would like to invite you to book a short assessment with one of our trained motorcycle observers. There is no obligation to do anything beyond this, but as part of the assessment, the observer will explain the route to the IAM advanced test and how this can improve your riding and safety.

Interested? Fill in the form below and our coordinator will get in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time for you to get out on your bike with one of our team. Your post-code will help to pair you with an observer close to you.

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