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Welcome to SAM
We hope that you have decided to join us and enjoy the benefits and rewards of Advanced Riding Course. Your membership details are held in a membership database which you can access to update your details and annually renew your membership. We have a Facebook group which is closed to the general public but open to all current members of the club. All notifications for upcoming events and rides will be posted on the website but the Facebook group will also be used for informal discussions. Severn Advanced Motorcyclists – discussion on weekend and evening rides.

Why would I want to join SAM?
SAM is a thriving IAM group, and our successes were recognised as we were awarded the IAM Group Achievement Award for 2011. SAM membership has its privileges. Principal amongst these are:

  • You will receive the Advanced Rider Course from our expert riders
  • You can join our many rideouts and social events for fun, frolics and generally a good time
  • If you want, you can continue to train and improve your riding standards, through becoming a Local Observer or National Observer with SAM.

All of this can be yours for the inexpensive sum of £149, (but check out any special offers including discounts if you are already a member of the IAM), plus a small contribution to petrol costs when you are training. This compares almost unbelievably favourably with commercial training rates. How can we do it? Because we’re all volunteers. We count amongst our members ladies and gents of all ages. Members initially join us with widely varying riding experience and ability: just off L-plates, regular commuters, weekend riders, born-again bikers, track demons and more. If you’ve got any questions, or want to get a better feel for who we are, what we’re like and what we do, feel free to browse the Diary pages, ride reports, or email/call anyone on our Committee. And if you really want to eyeball us, why not come to one of our monthly club nights?

So how do I join?
As an IAM-affiliated club, to join us you apply directly to the IAM for their ‘Advanced Rider Course’, pay them £149, and they will look after the administration from there. For the £149 you will receive:

  • A copy of “How To Be A Better Rider”, an IAM publication.
  • A year’s membership to the IAM and SAM (subject to your passing the test!).
  • Full access to all the training, events, rideouts, facilities that SAM offer.

Contact the Membership Secretary or enter your details in our membership database. We maintain and administer our own group records separately to the IAM.


2014, 2015 and 2016 featured some outstanding routes, and a large number of different ride leaders including several first timers. We are in the process of updating an exciting calendar of rides for 2017 and there are still slots available.

Normally the main rideout each month will take place on the Sunday following clubnight (which is always the second Tuesday of the month). This allows notices and arrangements to be shared at club night. In the early and late parts of the year we will be ready to move the date to hunt down the best weather (or at least to avoid the worst), and hopefully in the better weather we’ll aim to run supplementary rides to make the most of the dry days. Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for arrangements. This might also be used by members to share photos and feedback. We will also continue to send out email alerts, so if you don’t get them, let me know. If you are willing to sign up to lead a run, then please let me know. Similarly, if you have a favourite ride from the past that you’d like to see reprised, or if you’ve got an idea for a route we’ve not ridden, I’m keen to hear from you at

Rideout Procedure
If you’ve not ridden on a Severn Advanced Motorcylists group ride before, or want reminding of how we conduct the group rides, please read our RIDE OUT PROCEDURES (downloads to your pc/device). If you’re an Associate thinking about joining your first rideout, please chat with your Observer first for advice. They will help you to consult the ride leader ahead of the event. Thanks for reading.

See you on the bikes!
Dave Revell

The Time detailed for each ride out is the leaving time. Please be at the meeting point at least 15 minutes earlier for the pre ride briefing.

Welcome from the Membership Secretary

We are pleased that you have decided to enjoy the benefits and rewards of Advanced Riding.

Once we have received your details from the IAM they will be forwarded to our Associate Co-ordinator who will allocate you an Observer, wherever possible one who lives near to you. Your Observer will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time and place for your first meeting. At this meeting, he or she will start the process by explaining what is required to take the Advanced Test.

On the second Tuesday of the month, we usually host a social night at Walls Club Barnwood, Hammond Way, Barnwood, Gloucester. Directions can be found on the Find Us (right hand side). On various Sundays in the month, (and occasionally mid week), we organise rideouts, which usually start from Walls Club. Please check the details of any of these events on the Diary page, or contact any Committee member. As a new member attending any of these events, please make yourself known to any of the Committee members and you will be assured of a warm welcome. On Club Nights, you can ask our ‘meeters and greeters’ on the door, or head for a Committee Member wearing a burgundy polo shirt. You’re welcome to join us on our rideouts and would suggest that, when you join one, you make yourself known to the Ride Leader. You will then be made aware of how the rideout is operated using a ‘Drop-Off System’ and the leader will also discuss the level of your IAM knowledge. Should you have any other questions about Advanced Riding or Severn Advanced Motorcyclists, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When you are ready to apply for your test, you can book it by going to the IAM Roadsmart web site. Please be aware that the examiner may contact before the date you are given if he has a spare slot. We look forward to seeing you at our meetings.

For and on behalf of the committee.
Many thanks and kind regards,
Membership Secretary

Welcome from the Chair

Dear Member, On behalf of the Committee, and myself, welcome to Severn Advanced Motorcyclists (SAM). The Club was founded in 1990 and has since gone from strength to strength. You are now part of this and I hope that you will be able to add your contribution to this successful club. We usually meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.30 pm until approximately 10 pm at Walls Club, Hammond Way, Barnwood, Gloucester, GL4 3HG (except for December), having varied guest speakers and social events. The Constitution clearly sets out what the Club is about and what our goals are. You will get out of SAM what you put in to it. The Club is fundamentally about Advanced Riding and passing on skills to others in order to enhance Road Safety. It is also about enjoying ourselves, having a wonderful group of members and an active social calendar. Have a look around our website at the social events. All we ask of you, is that you commit yourself to your goal of achieving Advanced rider status. Work hard and enjoy learning from your Observer. They are there for you take full advantage of with regards to their riding skills, so make the most of them! I look forward to the Club night when you are presented with your test certificate from the IAM and a SAM polo shirt with the IAM logo on it, from the Club. I wish you good fortune, safe riding and good luck with your eventual Advanced Motorcycling test.

Kind regards,
Eric Bush

Welcome from the Chief Observer

Dear Member, Welcome to Severn Advanced Motorcyclists – we are a thriving, active club with a very healthy membership. I would be very surprised if there was not already someone within the Club who shares your particular interest, be it GP, touring, ‘tinkering’ or just enjoying rideouts. Naturally, of overriding (no pun intended) interest is the desire to ride to a higher standard than the average motorcyclist and there is plenty of opportunity to do just that. We encourage Members to maintain their Advanced riding skills in a number of ways, including opportunities to become Observers to new Members joining. As with all clubs, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it in return. So, please participate in as many, or as few, of the many activities as you like, but I am confident you will receive a warm welcome from everyone. Best wishes and safe riding!

Chief Observer