March Ride 2017

The plan was to ride to Clevedon via Radstock and Bath. The weather was fine with some sun breaking through the clouds when we met at Walls Club, Gloucester.

Our coffee stop was to be the Toll house café at Dyrham on the A46 from Stroud to Bath.

On leaving Nailsworth we started to encounter strong westerly winds at the Tetbury to Dursley junction. As we rode south the winds strengthened and we were subject to buffeting from the wind that was hitting us broadside.

We had some respite from the winds and occasional rain at the café. Once fortified with breakfast and coffee we decided to continue.

We would be heading down the hill into Bath away from the wind and it started to look a little brighter ahead.

From Bath, we traveled to Radstock then headed to Weston super mare. Before we reached the road to Weston our Sweeper, Loz, informed me that he was losing pressure in his rear tyre and asked to look out for a fuel station. Within a few miles, we found a station on the left. Examination of the rear tyre revealed a small nail had entered the centre of the tread. The puncture additive had not sealed the hole so it was decided that the breakdown service should be called.

As the time was moving on the rest of the group decided to head for home.

The breakdown service supplied Loz with a temporary plug which enabled him to ride home. I was told that a plug kit can be purchased on line for £40.00.

Thanks go to the riders and pillions who joined me and survived the elements.

Posted on: 30 April 2017
By: Eric Bush