Why would I want to join SAM?
SAM is a thriving IAM group, and our successes were recognised as we were awarded the IAM Group Achievement Award for 2011. SAM membership has its privileges. Principal amongst these are:

  • You will receive the Advanced Rider Course from our expert riders
  • You can join our many rideouts and social events for fun, frolics and generally a good time
  • If you want, you can continue to train and improve your riding standards, through becoming a Local Observer or National Observer with SAM.

All of this can be yours for the inexpensive sum of £149, (but check out any special offers including discounts if you are already a member of the IAM), plus a small contribution to petrol costs when you are training. This compares almost unbelievably favourably with commercial training rates. How can we do it? Because we’re all volunteers. We count amongst our members ladies and gents of all ages. Members initially join us with widely varying riding experience and ability: just off L-plates, regular commuters, weekend riders, born-again bikers, track demons and more. If you’ve got any questions, or want to get a better feel for who we are, what we’re like and what we do, feel free to browse the Diary pages, ride reports, or email/call anyone on our Committee. And if you really want to eyeball us, why not come to one of our monthly club nights?


So how do I join?
As an IAM-affiliated club, to join us you apply directly to the IAM for their ‘Advanced Rider Course’, pay them £149, and they will look after the administration from there. For the £149 you will receive:

  • A copy of “How To Be A Better Rider“, an IAM publication.
  • A year’s membership to the IAM and SAM (subject to your passing the test!).
  • Full access to all the training, events, rideouts and other facilities that SAM offer.

Please also contact the Membership Secretary or enter your details in our membership database. We maintain and administer our own group records separately to the IAM.