Peak District Sept 16

12 – 14 September 2016.
The Mini Tour started in Tesco, here are the early birds..
Many other excellent 'bikes on tour


Tigers are proving popular this year with many other excellent motorcycles on tour. After a 2 hour grind on the UK’s motorway system we arrived and Derbyshire in time for lunch at Crich and the glorious National Tram Museum for lunch at the Red Lion. There is a huge amount to see there and so after a jolly good look around and a ride or two on the hundred or so heritage trams that the Museum has available we made our way across country to Glossop. Some of the side roads had their challenges…
The Red Lion Pub, Crich
The Red Lion Pub in the Tramway Museum Chrich
Outside the Red Lion.....

I forget to mention that some of our number encountered wet white paint on a recently painted bench at the Tram Museum, this subject to promised recompense however I believe the white paint has in part been transferred to a motorcycle saddle.
The offending white bench


We all met up for supper in JD Wetherspoon’s fine establishment in Glossop, just 20 seconds walk from the Travelodge doorway.

Beer & Food time at JDW’s
Food & Beer time at JDW's

Tuesday could be hot, or wet, or hot and wet – the Met Office is unclear currently, I’ll tell you later !
Well what a day up in the Peak District !  The roads were exciting, demanding and absolutely beautiful.  Sorry to say two Sammers came off of their ‘bikes during slow manoeuvres.

Happiness is The Peak District


Steve happy at Stanage Edge just before he found the nail…
More happy

The add to this Steve picked up yet another nail.  Luckily this the nail went in at an angle and did not penetrate the tyre but Steve did loose 2 hours or so from our ride today.  The nail was noticed by Steve in quite the remote area of Stanage Edge, nearest town was Hathersage and the nearest with motorcycle tyre facilities was Glossop (20 miles away) where we staying at the Travelodge.

Apart from all these ‘incidents’ we rode three major we rode three major Peak District passes, firstly  Woodhead Pass on the way to Holmefirth. Secondly,  Crow Pass and lastly, Winnats Pass not far from Glossop on the return leg of our journey.

We are saving Snake Pass for tomorrow and our ride home.

Now, I thought that virtually all UK public roads are metalled or in other words have Tarmac…  Not so, as we found out today.  On a high route, on a ridge suddenly, without notice the Tarmac just stopped and the road continued made of gravel, rocks and gullies for a good couple of miles before we reached a Tarmac T junction.

The 5 Tigers in our group loved it as did the GS. The other machines, not really built for anything but Tarmac provided a bigger challenge to their riders. Once or twice I thought I saw Roman road type small rectangular cobbles showing through the gravel and rocks, interesting though.

JD Witherspoon’s Steak night special proved very successful even though the Glossop Monsoon hit us from 6.30pm onwards.  Barry won our short ten question pub quiz on a close tie break against Allan.

The weather for Wednesday is forecast to be hot and bright again.

Wednesday dawned bright and hot in Glossop after last night’s monsson.  The top of Snake Pass (the A57 SW out of Glossop) was misty on the top.

We left on time with full tanks and mt bladders and rode up and then down and along Snake Pass heading generally South through some very pretty villages and lanes, trying for the moment to keep off of the main roads.

After almost 90 minutes we stopped for a break and Barry the Sweeper found an obliging pub and charmed them into teas and coffees all round, one person declined.   After a good break we headed South into Staffordshire for just over an hour and stopped at a Free House called The Golden Cup in increasing temperatures.

We had a great ‘Last Supper’ as some one put it, and headed back into the sunshine for the M6 and M5.
Last supper
Our last Supper, actually lunch at the Golden Cup., Staffs border.

The temperature sored and by the time we reached M5 J9, Tewksbury my Tiger’s dash readout was showing 29.5 deg C.  We stopped for a final star burst and all headed home.

I trust everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did, it was great away with good people, good roads and great weather.  Barry, thank for sweeping mate, excellent work.

Ride Safe,
Cheers Pete