TLC Run!

I had no idea how many would turn up as it was a bit of a last minute rideout and clashed with the CCAM Skills Day, but I thought some might fancy a ride instead. The TLC run is ‘toast’ in Tintern, ‘lunch’ in Ledbury and ‘cake’ in the Cotswolds.

I got to WSC, to see Les and a.n.other! Les was off to the skills day and so I met the ‘other’, a new boy, (well returning to the fold), Richard Savage on his RR1000S. Yes, another Beemer! Pete Harwood then turned up and after a short brief off we went.

We met Ray and Sue Wickens at Tintern for the ‘T’ part, I’m not sure if you can get just toast but the engine drivers baps are nice! After a lengthy breakfast made our way to Ledbury for lunch. It took ages to get served but it was worth it. Ray and Sue left us there and we carried on to Stow for the ‘C’ i.e. cake. The shop was just closing but he saw us coming in and kept open for us. A good friendly place and bikers welcome!

The satnav managed to get us round ok as I’ve not recced the route (and bits of it didn’t seem familiar). We thought we might get mixed up with the Tewkesbury ½ marathon, but thankfully didn’t see any of it. We ‘star burst’ from there, well Pete and Richard went one way and I came back the usual way! Thanks to Pete Harwood for sweeping. I hope all had a good day I thought it was a cracking ride!

Keep it upright, Loz